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Allen, Daniel N. Neuropsychology, schizophrenia, substance abuse
Ashcraft, Mark H. Mathematical cognition; math expertise, math anxiety, and working memory capacity in solving advanced arithmetic; federal regulation of human subjects research
Barchard, Kimberly A. Test development and evaluation, data quality, on-line data collection, emotional intelligence
Benning, Stephen Emotion and psychopathology
Copeland, David Human memory and reasoning; mental models, text comprehension; deductive reasoning
Donohue, Bradley Development and evaluation of Family Behavior Therapy, substance abuse, child maltreatment, clinical sport psychology
Freeman, Andrew J. Pediatric bipolar disorder, irritability in children and adolescents
Hannon, Erin E. Perceptual development, auditory cognition, enculturation, music perception
Heavey, Christopher L. Inner experience, depression
Holland, Jason M. Stressful life events in later-life, bereavement, caregiving, serious/chronic illness; risk/protective factors in interventionss; prolonged grief disorder; positive psychology.
Hurlburt, Russell T. Describing inner experience
Hyman, James M. Cognitive Control and the Prefrontal Cortex
Kearney, Christopher A. Internalizing problems of children, anxiety disorders, school refusal behavior
Kinney, Jefferson W. Behavioral neuroscience/psychopharmacology, neurobiology of learning and memory, schizophrenia, alzheimer's disease
Meana, Marta Women's sexuality, sexual desire, sexual pain disorders, gender differences in sexuality
Millar, Murray G. Persuasion processes, social cognition, health behavior
Parks, Colleen Human memory, including but not exclusive to: recognition memory, models of recognition memory, memory and aging, memory and subjective experience
Paul, Michelle G.
(formerly Carro)
Child Clinical, psychological assessment
Pritchard, Laurel M. Developmental risk factors for substance abuse, psychopharmacology, behavioral endocrinology
Rennels (Ramsey), Jennifer L. Face perception and processing, development of appearance-based stereotypes
Robnett, Rachael Identity development, academic and career pathways in STEM, gender bias and gender-role adherence
Silver, N. Clayton Statistics, measurement, warning salience and compliance, human factors
Snyder, Joel S. Auditory cognition, cognitive neuroscience
Warren, Cortney S. Eating disorders, body image, multiculturalism, assessment of psychopathology, bilingual assessment, social comparison

Faculty In Residence

Lefforge, Noelle
McMurray, Janice
Villa, Diane


Emeritus Professors

Ferraro, Douglas P.
Hess, Harrie F.  
Knapp, Terry J.
Rasmussen, Charles T.
Kern, Jeffrey M.

Retired Professors

Shoben, Edward J.

Part Time Instructors

Bradley, Shera
Dippner, Robert
Benuto, Lorraine
Emke-Francis, Paula
Karwoski, Jane
Lech, Brian
Powell, Mary Jane
Talar, Jeaninne
Stiles, Randy
Weiten, Wayne

*Professor's offices are located in the Classroom Building Complex (CBC) Building B and the Central Desert Complex (CDC) buildings 3 and 4. Campus Map.



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